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Nice Vices is an open investment blog focusing on startups and venture capital in the vice sector. We spotlight startups that traditionally do not get the same attention as their counterparts from other venture capital-backed industries, with the goal of attracting email subscribers who are passionate about unique investment opportunities.

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At Nice Vices, we are proud of our commitment to highlighting unique investment opportunities in the vice sector. Here are some notable accomplishments:


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With over 10 years of expertise, Nice Vices is your go-to source for vice sector insights.


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Over 200 startups have been featured on our platform.


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Our community of over 3000 subscribers stays informed with the latest in vice sector investments.


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Over $200 million in investment opportunities spotlighted through our blog.

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Explore real stories of how Nice Vices empowered startups to thrive in the vice sector.

Nice Vices opened doors for my startup with their insightful investment tips!

David Miller

Cigar Lounge Owner

I never imagined my vice startup could attract such influential investors!

Ashley Davis

Cannabis Entrepreneur

Supportive, insightful, and passionate about vice sector investments at Nice Vices!

Robert Wilson

Freelance Investor

Thanks to Nice Vices, my startup is now a leading name in the vice industry!

Megan Anderson

Startup Founder

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